Review: Chronicle
Some may argue that found footage films have run their course. Personally, I'm still interested in what creative directors can do with the genre. Insert, Josh Trank. A 26 year old first time director with some pie-in-the-sky dreams. If you look at the trailer for Chronicle and realize this is his first time directing, it could be easy to write this off as a boiler plate take on found footage. One that is just trying to play it safe and make some cash, like The Devil Inside. You would definitely be missing out if you subscribed to that line of thinking though. 

"¨"¨Chronicle is a wonderful and refreshing take on, not only, found footage films, but the super hero genre as well. It's the tale of three high school students that come into contact with...something...and get telekinesis. This allows them to move objects like teddy bears and cars with their mind and eventually fly. While this all seems standard for a super hero origin story, what sets Chronicle apart from other super hero flicks is the realism that the main characters are handled with. I know if I suddenly had telekinetic powers in high school, I would definitely use it to scare little girls in the toy store and just plain have fun with it. Of course I would try to fly too. "¨"¨The real meat of the movie is in the different backgrounds that the main characters come from.

This is what leads to the differing perceptions of what each character can do, or should be allowed to do, with their powers. This is what they didn't show you in the trailer. You like the characters and sympathize with them. You can see each of them belonging in your high school. "¨"¨The use of the camera in this found footage movie is well done. Rather than just being a gimmick, used to get it on lists like "Top Ten Found Footage Films", it helps tell the journey of these kids. As the movie goes on, the camera is directly tied to the characters' comfort level with their abilities. Like most found footage films, there is a little bit of, "Why is the camera still on?" or "Of course this person likes to film everything also." As long as those kinds of aspects, that are rather common in the genre, don't bother you, you are in for a wonderfully told, original super hero movie. I would be doing you a disservice to tell you some of the more surprising turns that the movie takes. It's something you really should experience for yourself. "¨"¨

Grade: B

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