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The Watchtower is a weekly column, commenting on the biggest and strangest comic news and rumors of the week. Each column will include noteworthy books scheduled for release that same week. As always comments and discussion are welcome. Until I think of something better, news items will be titled by HORRIBLE puns and word play.

Sorry the column is so late this week guys, but I filled full of all sorts of gooey Valentine's mushy goodness. Because...well...I like you, like you.

Anyways. Let's dive in.

Watching the Watchmen...Watchers...
So it's been about two weeks, and already the moral outrage and calls for DC executive blood have died down. In case this column is your sole source of comic book news and rumors (in which case I have a Russel Stovers variety pack I would like to send to you Valentine), DC has announced plans to publish several prequel miniseries to the seminal graphic novel and quite possibly most respected work of the medium: Alan Moore's Watchmen. I'm kind of intrigued by Darwyn Cooke's involvement in the project, but for the most part I'm not really that interested. Watchmen was satisfying as the standalone story it was, I'm not really dying to find out more about these characters or delve into their back stories and origins. I think the real story here, is just how small the splash of this news really was. Yeah the internet went nuts when the announcement was first made, die hard fans and pros alike discussed the ramifications of the decision and weighed in on whether they were excited or outraged. But just a couple weeks later? Nothing. Not a peep. Probably not the reaction DC was hoping for. In truth nothing can really ever again hijack this niche news cycle like The New 52 did, but I'm willing to wager that the company was hoping the coversation would have lasted a bit longer than it did. Maybe it will flare up again as more details come out, or as when the books are actually solicited for release. Another question that should be considered: "who is the intended audience?" Watchmen still sells like gangbusters and is probably the graphic novel most likely to be purchased by people who don't consider themselves fans of comics or graphic novels. One of the main complaints I hear about the medium, from friends whom I've tried and failed to convert, is the open ended nature of the stories, and how nothing ever feels like it has a true end. I tend to believe this is a pretty universal criticism, one that may be shared by that key crossover audience that represents a large portion of the Watchmen readership, which could definitely affect the sales of these prequels. I'm anxious to see how these books sell, both by the issue and by the trade. Of course this article found at the time of publication could restart the conversation.

Greeting Seasons!
Earlier this week, DC Comics announced that Smallville would join the ranks of Buffy Season 9, Angel and Faith, and Batman Beyond in that the show will continue on in the form of a comic. Smallville Season 11 is set for a May 2012 release. With more and more television shows extending their lives on the comic book page, is there new hope that some fan favorite TV shows might make a triumphant return. Here are a few I would love to see:

Veronica Mars Season 4 The CW's critically acclaimed teen detective drama is ripe for a comeback, especially when you consider how many dangling plot threads were left dangling. Did Keith's decision cost him the election? Will Weavil return to a life of crime? Is Logan marked for death by the mob? Most importantly, I need a regular dose of Veronica and Logan matching wits again. I want series creator Rob Thomas writing the scripts and Ultimate Spider-Man penciller extraordinaire Mark Bagley on art!

Terriers Season 2 Another charmingly witty and beach town gritty detective drama that met with an all too early demise. Hank Dollworth and Brit Polluck ended their story on a strangely satisfying cliffhanger, but there's still a big bad waiting in the wings and the question of what happens next with Hank & Gretchen and Brit & Katie. My dream team? Brian Michael Bendis writes and David Aja draws.

Firefly Season 2 Joss Whedon had a seven season plan for Firefly. Say it with me. Seven Seasons. Now go have a good cry. Now imagine that plan realized in comics. Dark Horse has already dipped its toe into the Firefly pool, adding to the mythos of Sheppard Book and Zoe. But my fellow brown coats and I need so much more. Since it's my dream, I'll shoot for the moon here. Written by Joss Whedon, Pencilled by Frank Quietly.

Frisky Dingo Season 3 If you haven't heard of this gem from Adult Swim go netflix it now. It's what the guys who do Archer did before they did Archer. And BOOSH was it awesome! The show featured series creator Adam Reed's razor sharp, lightning fast banter, hilarious satires of the conventions of the super hero genre and American politics, and a willingness to kill off major cast members faster than Game of Thrones and Lost combined. Let's see this bad boy resurrected with who else but series creators and writers Adam Reed and Matt Thompson writing, and if we can't get the animation team to pencil it, how about Mike Allred?

What shows would you guys like to see resurrected as comics? What creators are the guys to do it? Leave comment love!!!

Dentist Strangelove and Other Shit They Used To Print In Romance Comics

The guys over at Comics Alliance have been just killing it this month in their lead up to Valentine's Day with their collection of strange moments from the *ahem* wonderful world of romance comics. You
Are Welcome

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