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Whatever Happened To The Watchtower of Tomorrow
The Watchtower is a weekly column, commenting on the biggest and strangest comic news and rumors of the week. Each column will include noteworthy books scheduled for release that same week. As always comments and discussion are welcome. Until I think of something better, news items will be titled by HORRIBLE puns and word play.

Come on Sweet Fiasco
Apparently, this past weekend Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Wil Wheaton, and Dan Curtis Johnson got to together at ECCC for a game of Fiasco. If you are like me, and had no idea what fiasco was until just now, you can find more details here. Johnson posted a full account of what went down during gameplay. Needless to say, I will be getting this very, very soon.

It's Not Easy Being Emerald
Speaking of ECCC, the news coming out of the Emerald City was slim, but a few noteworthy items include hardcover, colored new printings of Scott Pilgrim and Chris Yost taking over Avenging Spider-Man from Zeb Wells. Interesting to see Chris Yost really breaking away from long time writing partner Craig Kyle, and beginning to establish his place within the Spidey offices, now writing two ongoing titles (Avenging and Scarlet Spider) as well as occasionally being called in to pinch hit on Dan Slott's flagship Amazing Spider-Man. In other news coming out of the convention, Chris Roberson and Mike Allred's iZombie will be coming to an end with issue 28 in August, not due to sales, but the creators decision to end the title. While I'm disappointed to see the book go, its second year definitely felt a lot more decompressed than the first, so maybe entering into the end game will help the title have a strong finish.

Bend it Like Bendis
Brian Michael Bendis is apparently writing a book on how to script comics and to break into the industry. Early word is it won't be out until 2013 but I am considering reserving my copy as early as tomorrow. While were on the subject does anyone have any other books on the subject to recommend?

My ADHD Sense is Tingling
I watched and liked the two part premiere of the new Ultimate Spider-Man series on Disney XD. However, maybe I'm just getting old, but I felt like the breakneck pace of the show, including frequent fourth wall breaking moments and anime/Scrubs-esque fantasies gave me a case of media consumption whip lash. Is this what the kids want these days or is this a case of a lot of talented cooks trying to cram the kitchen sink in along with everything else (does that reference make me old?).

That's it for this week. Check out these titles in stores tomorrow:
Action Comics #8
Animal Man #8
Swamp Thing #8
Avengers Vs. X-Men #1
Avengers Academy #28
Daredevil #10.1
Thunderbolts #172
Wolverine and the X-Men #9
Casanova Avaritia #3
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