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The Watchtower is a weekly column, commenting on the biggest and strangest comic news and rumors of the week. Each column will include noteworthy books scheduled for release that same week. As always comments and discussion are welcome. Until I think of something better, news items will be titled by HORRIBLE puns and word play.

The OUTsiders
Which iconic DC male character will be revealed to gay next month? Smart money is on either the Atom or Green Lantern Alan Scott. Atom made sense, because way back when, DC announced that the Atom of the new 52 universe was going to be Ryan Choi, a character with less of a storied history than original Atom: Ray Palmer, and thus would make for a more natural revelation of the character's orientation. However the only glimpse we've caught of the Atom in the New 52 thus far has been in the New 52 Free Comic Book Day issue, and although hard to discern due to the character's size, it appeared as if the Atom boasted a distinctly feminine physic. Perhaps both Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi are out of the running and an all new female character will take up the mantle of the Atom, taking the character out of speculation, as DC has specified it will be a male character. That leaves heavy favorite Alan Scott. A few blogs have already leaked that it will be Scott, but until one of the bigger sites picks it up, I'm not convinced. Earth 2 is a pretty drastic reboot from the JSA we knew and loved so it wouldn't be out of the question that Alan Scott of this new world might be gay, as we are being shown his history starting from scratch. Scott's reveal would also fit with the timeline, as next issue would represent, aside from a quick cameo in issue #1, Scott's first appearance in the New 52 (another qualifier DC gave in hinting at who the character might be). Any of the other characters being speculated about (Atom, Wally West, Phantom Stranger, Spectre, Dr. Fate etc.) would have to pop up for the first time into an existing storyline next month, and I don't see any other organic place for a return or, frankly that DC solicitations department is THAT good at keeping a secret.

Drawing Some Conclusions
Is it me or did the August solicitations for Marvel include a whole bunch of artists who I am very unfamiliar with? Matteo Scalera on Secret Avengers,Roland Boschi on X-Men, Julian Totino Tedesco on Uncanny X-Force. Either I've missed these guys in their previous outings for the publisher or Marvel is expanding their artistic stable in a big, big way this summer.

The Hoff is Furious
The original Nick Fury speaks out and he's kinda cranky: http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/05/25/david-hasselhoff-the-ultimate-nick-fury

Bendissssss Iiiiiiiin Spaaaaaaaaace
Recent issues of and solicitations for Bendis's continuity light series, Avengers Assemble have been laying some major hints as to what his next project might be, just as the author said the book would. And given that both Thanos the Mad Titan, and that the Guardians of the Galaxy (the Peter Quill, Drax, Rocket Raccoon etc. incarnation of the team as made famous by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning) are featuring heavily in the book that looks to be Bendis's swan song on the Avengers franchise, it would stand to reason that one or more Marvel Cosmic titles might be Bendis's next project. This would mark a major departure from the writer's traditional comfort zone which tends to be street level characters or stories firmly rooted in more down to earth settings. But Bendis's star power might be just what Marvel needs to take a serious swing at making the cosmic line a viable franchise. However there's a little piece of me that thinks maybe Hickman's inheritance of the Avengers franchise isn't a forgone conclusion and that Marvel handing him the keys to the cosmic car is the prize that coaxed him off of The Ultimates.

Seeing All Red
Mike "Madman" Allred doing a guest issue on Mark Waid's critically acclaimed Daredevil?!?!? I mean I love Marcos Martin and Chris Samnee, but Allred on Daredevil!!! Why just one issue??? iZombie is coming to an end soon, can someone please book him a full time gig ASAP! (Preferably on Daredevil)?

On This Day In Pre-Rebooted History"¦
Today marks the one year anniversary of the official announcement of the New 52 relaunch. Check out the original press release as well as early hype, speculation, and outrage over at Newsarama: http://www.newsarama.com/comics/DC-Universe-Reboot-Announcement-110531.html

That's it for this week. Check out these new releases on the shelves tomorrow:

Animal Man Annual #1
Batman Annual #1
FF #18
Wolverine and the X-Men #11
Angel & Faith #10
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