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The Watchtower is a weekly column, commenting on the biggest and strangest comic news and rumors of the week. Each column will include noteworthy books scheduled for release that same week. As always comments and discussion are welcome. Until I think of something better, news items will be titled by HORRIBLE puns and word play.

Captain America, No More!
The Comics Reporter did a great interview with Ed Brubaker who will be wrapping up his run on Captain America as well as stepping away from work-for-hire mainstream super hero comics for the foreseeable future. The exception being Brubaker's recently launched, critically acclaimed Winter Soldier series for Marvel which stars Bucky Barnes who was also featured as the primary lead in much of Brubaker's Cap run. In the interview Brubaker shares his thoughts on the current state of the industry, creator rights, his decision to leave Cap, and gives some great behind the scenes commentary on Fatale. Check it out. It's worth a read.

This One Could Stick
With 12 reviews posted so far, Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man has a 92% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I liked but was not wildly in love with Sony's first attempt to adapt the franchise, regardless I'm one of the many who thinks that it's way too early to attempt a reboot. However, given the positive early word, this could be one to watch as we swing closer to opening weekend.

Whatever Happened to the Relaunch of Tomorrow?
More details are beginning to leak regarding DC's top down decisions regarding creative direction and oversight in the week's leading up to and following the New 52 relaunch. In an interview that will come as a shock to absolutely no one, George Perez discusses his frustrations with Superman and further hints to what many of us have already suspected: a lot of the post relaunch changes to DC were still being decided upon even after the relaunch began. Check out more of Perez's remarks at comicbookresources' Robot 6 blog here"

That's it for this week. Check out these titles in stores tomorrow:

-All Star Western #10
-Aquaman #10
-Batman Incorporated #2
-Flash #10
-I, Vampire #10
-Justice League #10
-Justice League Dark #10
-Amazing Spider-Man #688
-FF #19
-Mighty Thor #16
-Ultimate Comics Ultimates #12
-Wolverine and the X-Men #12
-X-Men Legacy #269
-Angel & Faith #11
-Fatale #6
-Manhattan Projects #4
-Mind the Gap #2
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