Coming this Tuesday: The Review to Be Named Podcast
Review to be Named Podcast
A long time ago, on a blogspot far, far away, we tried to pull off a Review to Be Named podcast. Die hard fans of the site (we don't know where you're getting bobble-head dolls of us, but please, PLEASE stop sending them to our parents) may recall that brief, tumultuous period. It was a time prior to our handy-dandy Tech Editor, when I braved the terrifying internet and all of its winding tubes in an attempt to communicate my voice to the masses. Needless to say, with me at the tech-wheel, things fell apart quite quickly.

Since the launching of the new web site, we here at Review to Be Named have been discussing the return of the podcast, an endeavor we hope will bring joy to your heart, and sound to your ear-holes in near equal measure. So it is with great pride and almost no trepidation that I announce the return of the Review to Be Named Podcast. We plan to bring you a half-hour of our own particular brand of pop culture commentary and tomfoolery every Tuesday starting next week, on July 31st. A variety of staffers (and maybe even the occasional guest star) will participate on a weekly basis as we engage in a cultural conversation that will span genres and media and range from news round-ups to more critical analysis. Also, we will play games, because that's the only way to keep us here at Review to Be Named lucid enough to provide a half an hour of entertainment without plummeting into insanity. Ok, now that I mention it, we'll probably also plummet into insanity.

As always, we hope to involve you, the readers (and, we hope, listeners) in this podcast, in as many ways as you would like to be involved. If you have ideas for segments, comments on something we have written or discussed on the podcast, or even a pop culture question you want to pose to the staff for us to answe in future installments, let us know and we will be happy to incorporate your thoughts and ideas into the podcast. As always, you can follow us on twitter @Reviewtobenamed, email us at Reviewtobenamed@gmail.com (include Podcast in the subject line, lest we delete your idea like so much pornographic spam), or comment below. Trust me when I say that these modes of communication work better than just screaming at your computer screen while staring at our website (though if you're doing that, it might explain why I feel like I'm being watched...)

We look forward to bringing you a weekly podcast that will offer our take on the wide-world of pop culture and will enrich your experience at Reviewtobenamed.com and (perish the thought) out in the real world. The podcast will be available here at the website for you to stream or download at your pleasure, as well as on itunes, where you will be able to subscribe to get the podcast weekly along with whatever else you might listen to. As always, thanks for reading. And, in advance, thanks for listening.

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