Green Lantern #11
Green Lantern #11
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Doug Mahnke

Issue #11 kicks off with a big change to the status quo that appears to be a precursor to a major status quo to come in the coming months. The dynamic of power between Hal and Sinestro has shifted. However the level of trust and begrudging respect between the two former enemies continues to grow, much to my amusement. And while I don't think all of Sinestro's sins can be swept under the rug, it is a testament to Johns' mastery as a writer that this duo has become my favorite buddy cop team in comics.

The issue opens with Hal and Sinestro taking stock of their situation following their fight with the Indigo Tribe. And while they have gathered new allies for their impending rebellion against the Guardians of the Universe, one of the greatest evils the universe has ever known is once again dead and free (no typo). For the first time since the New 52 Relaunch, Johns writes Hal as the confident veteran he was molded into during Johns multi-year tenure on the book. Having Hal and Sinestro on a more equal playing field does wonders for their dynamic as Hal becomes a more active, interesting protagonist now that he is calling the shots, versus when he was Sinestro's reluctant partner/hostage. It is now Hal's choice that Sinestro remains free, a choice that could either save or damn the universe. Either way, it's all on Hal's head and my interest in his journey is reignited as a result.

What else is there to say of Doug Mahnke's art other than that he is one of the most consistent and thrilling visual storytellers on DC's roster of talent right now. From human proportions to wild alien physiques, from visceral action to emotive expressions Mahnke does it all, filling the pages with numerous panels, yet never leaving the impression of clutter. Green Lantern may have been the book that brought Ivan Reis into his own, but in the years to come, I believe it is Mahnke whose name will be synonymous with this character and this run.

Big changes are in store for this title in the not to distant future. This is both exciting and scary, as once again, Green Lantern is firing on all cylinders. However I am reminded of the early issues of the prior volume of Johns' Green Lantern, right after the post-Infinite Crisis One Year Later jump, when both artist and writer were really hitting their stride and it seemed like anything could happen in the next issue. We might be about to experience a second golden age on this title, and I for one choose to be excited.

Grade: A-

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