Morning Glories #21
Morning Glories #21
Writer: Nick Spencer
Pencils: Joe Eisma
Publisher: Image Comics

Remember when I called this series "the spiritual successor to Lost?" Well, that remains true but at least Lost was somewhat forthcoming with an answer once every season or so. For every new question Morning Glories raises, it raises another 5 new questions with it. And while I am definitely still on board with the book, the balance between intriguing and frustrating has begun to tip.

We open up in the woods with one of the main characters lying dead on the ground after trying to kill one of the other leads. A new group of students intervened at the last moment, and it becomes clear that they are part of the same group that sent Jun (or Hisao) to infiltrate the Morning Glories Academy.

Spencer's flashback scenes effectively introduce us to and for the most part sell this new group of characters as welcome additions to the cast. However with so much more still to learn about the interactions and origins of our six (well, five now) main leads, it's a shame that they now have to compete for page space.

Joe Eisma has to be one of the most selfless artists working in comics, as I have to believe he goes above and beyond his pay cut in service of the story. Morning Glories remains a $2.99 book, but frequently clocks in at 34 pages or more without ads! To compare, most Marvel books are 3.99 with ads and only 20 pages long (20 story pages). While I'm not sure how the pay scale breaks down at Image where the writers and artists themselves own the book, it still stands to reason that Eisma is losing money on the extra pages he chooses and allows Spencer to pack into every issue.

The end result is a comic paced like no other. One where Spencer and Eisma have the ability to really develop and ratchet up tension in some scenes, while letting other scenes breath and allowing for subtext and visual cues to convey information rather than just dumping everything on the page.

It is very clear that these creators love this book. Their affection is infectious. From day 1 I was swept along with the new recruits to the Morning Glories Academy and eager to see if they would survive the experience. And while my commitment may be tested at the moment, I must confess I was one of the very few who loved Lost right up until the end. So while my relationship with this book is most definitely out of the honeymoon phase, I remain faithful and optimistic.

Grade: B
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