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The Watchtower is a weekly column, commenting on the biggest and strangest comic news and rumors of the week, as well as offering quick critiques on some of the other books I didn't get a chance to review this week. Think of it as the Notes section you find on our TV and Movie reviews, but for the week in comics as a whole. I'll also look forward at noticeable releases for next week, and offer some speculation on what the next news cycle might bring. As always comments and discussion are welcome. Spoilers may ensue

Notes on 9/5 Releases

Hawkeye #2
-Matt Fraction
-David Aja
Fraction and Aja have created a masterpiece: one of the most beautiful fusions of script and art in recent memory. Fraction has given a unique and personal voice to these characters setting the dialogue and narration apart from all other books on the stands, and Aja's pencils make this book a visual feast for lovers of the medium. My only problem? Did the Hawkeyes just maim a whole bunch of people who were pretty much just stealing from bad guys?

Animal Man #0
-Jeff Lemire
-Steve Pugh
I like that Lemire is trying to incorporate the Morrison origins, but this issue didn't really give the reader anything that wasn't already made clear in the ongoing narrative.

Defenders #10
-Matt Fraction
-Jamie McKelvie
"Who needs Thanos? Defenders has big black birds!" How did this book get cancelled? How?!?! Sometimes I hate the direct market. Also can we get a Nick Fury and the Ant-Man body cop mini from these guys?

Dark Avengers #180
-Jeff Parker
-Neil Edwards
Jeff Parker has so handily created a title where he can do stories about literally anything, that months after the title and main cast was changed, he's still telling a story about the time traveling T-Bolts fighting Marvel's answer to Judge Dredd. This one deserves a slow clap.

Marvel NOW! Teasers

Marvel released a fresh round of teasers and covers this week, advertising the December Marvel NOW! launches. As before the teasers all follow the same pattern, one word followed by an artist and a penciller. However this round was far more cryptic than the last batch. This week we got:

"Lightning" -Daniel Way and Steve Dillon
(Thunderbolts maybe?)

"Survive" -Dennis Hopelss and Kev Walker
(Cable, I guess, possibly? Jonathan Hickman tweeted that this was "hands down the best of the Marvel NOW! pitches".)

"Wanted" -Dennis Hopelss and Salvador Larroca

"Killers" -Sam Humphries and Ron Garney
(X-Force? Maybe that Punisher led team that Greg Rucka said was going to happen? The Masters of Evil?)

We'll know more next week.

That's it. Check out these titles in stores next wednesday:
Batman #0
Batman and Robin #0
Demon Knights #0
Avengers vs. X-Men #11
Fantastic Four #610
Uncanny X-Men #18
Uncanny X-Force #31
Wolverine and the X-Men #16
Winter Soldier #10
Buffy The Vampire Slayer #13
Fatale #8
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