Wolverine and the X-Men #17
Wolverine and the X-Men #17
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Jason Aaron
Pencils: Mike Allred

The inimitable Mike Allred returns to the character he and Peter Milligan enshrined in the hearts and minds of fans for all eternity? Guys my birthday is in May! If you have not read the now infamous run on X-Force by the aforementioned creators, you may have been a bit curious about the little green blob guy who has been floating around the background of the Jean Grey School ever since Wolverine and the X-Men #1. His name is Doop. We love him. And hopefully after reading this book, you will love him too.

Make no mistake, this issue like the last, is a diversion from the usual adventures of the Jean Grey School faculty and students. And while this book has been known for being a bit zany and mad cap (delightfully so) since the very beginning, this issue takes things to a whole new level. In a series of rapid fire sequences, each more ridiculous than the last, we see exactly why Wolverine needs Doop at his school. Bottom line, Doop is the school's defender, both from the mundane and the bizarre.

While the pacing can be downright jarring at times, I have trouble finding fault with it. Reading this issue you get the distinct impression that Aaron is himself a tremendous Allred fan (and why wouldn't you be) and tried to cram as much into the issue as possible in order to give the artist a 20 page playground to just go wild on. Allred's neo-pop style is just infectious to look at, and the little details he adds into each panel add so many jokes to the story and humanity to a little green blob that it's almost impossible to imagine this story in the hands of any other artist. Allred can seamlessly transition from clean panels in straightforward layouts to psychedelic compilations chalk full of detail. It was very rewarding to see Allred return to the character he co-created, and this issue should serve as excellent primer for fans excited about his up-coming tenure on FF

This issue is not deep by any means. What it is is fun. Pure unadulterated fun. What I love about Jason Aaron's work on this title is that although his cast is huge, when a character does get their chance to shine, they do so so brightly that fans of said character will be more than satisfied to wait until the next opportunity. Aaron also isn't afraid to get weird every once in awhile. Are the events of this issue actually cannon? Who cares! It's a whole issue of over the top fun that never dares to take itself too seriously and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Grade: B+

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