HIMYM: Season 8, Episode 4
Who Wants To Be A Godparent?
Ok, here's my new theory as to how HIMYM ends. Ted is actually telling this story to a projector screen playing a running loop of stock footage of two young actors he hired to play his hypothetical children. That's why their expressions never really change and why they've so patiently sat around listening to stories about all the other girls their dad and his friend Barney banged over the years while their mother is supposedly slaving away over a nice hot dinner.

At least that's my best guess based on the fact that we are four episodes into what could be the last season of HIMYM and we still haven't seen a Ted-centric episode. In fact this is the second episode in a row that has put the spotlight on Marshall & Lily. Having successfully popped out a kid, these two should be relegated to C plots only from here on out if for no other reason than 7 seasons have already shown us they'll be great parents.

Obligatory griping over lack of progress aside, this was actually a funny if very shallow episode. After a close brush with mortality, Marshall & Lily decide that the only person they would trust to take care of Marvin should anything happen to them would be one of their best friends (though why Barney was even considered is beyond me). In order to make this very serious and somewhat morbid decision, Marshall decides to do the sensible thing, and pit the three against each other in a gameshow-esque competition complete with giant spinning wheel.

It's always fun when the gang's competitive side comes out, doubly so when it is organized through Marshall's renowned skills of gamesmanship. The Who Wants To Be A Godparent competition allowed for a running sequence of rapid fire gags and verbal sparring, a formula for some of the show's most memorable episodes. And while Who Wants To Be A Godparent doesn't hold a candle to HIMYM in its prime, it does have it's moments.

I wouldn't go so far as to call this episode a win for the writers though, as many moments precariously walk the line between amusing and trying too hard, without ever really hitting the sweet spot of funny. For examples, the repeated use of Professor InfoSaurus, a life lesson doling dinosaur puppet, as Ted's solution to almost every parenting hypothetical is so over the top that I still can't decide if its use was funny or awkward.

Above all else I think this episode was a missed opportunity. Ted is the obvious choice for Marvin's guardian. The fact that Robin and Barney were even considered in a fashion beyond lip service in order to avoid hurt feelings doesn't ring true, or at least should have been a bigger moment for the series. This could have been a wake up call to Ted to rededicate himself to forging his own family and becoming the great dad and husband he always knew he could be but his friends no longer see him as. Instead we get a sweet but very predictable ending to another inconsequential episode of HIMYM. But hey, at least this one was at least kind of entertaining, and at this point, what more can we ask?

Grade: C+


-"You smell that? That's the smell of urine that isn't Marvin's." "I've missed that smell."

-The apartment filling up with giant bears is funny. I hope those stick around as set dressing.

-Where is Marshall getting all of this money all of a sudden"¦

-"Bottom line is I just wanted to make the idea of me and Lily dying fun."

-"You'll see, Professor Infosaurus is gonna be a real hit with kids!" "Isn't that right kids?" Hey! Ted's stock footage kids! I've missed you guys.

-"Robin wins this round, because we love her and she's in a safe space right guys?" "Robin matters"¦"

-"Yeah right, I've seen Barney throw. He's no Vinnie Pestano, am I right?" I feel like HIMYM recently picked up a few out of work Cleveland Sports bloggers for the writing staff. Not sure who is slumming it in that scenario"¦

-"But I thought she was the one!" At this rate, Ted and Marvin WILL probably be helping each other navigate the dating scene someday.

-"As the only one of us packing a Vag I've got a natural instinct for nurturing and crap like that. Plus I can teach him how to bow hunt!" SOLD!

-Barney's reaction to Marvin's wake up might just be my biggest laugh of the season.

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